Becoming A Martian

My journey to become a space explorer


Hey there, I’m Anthony! I started this blog to share my story about training to become an astronaut and various space experiences. My goal is to be one of the first humans to land on Mars. Not only would that be the adventure of a lifetime, but humanity would learn a large amount about the planet and our survival outside of Earth.

I have a very diverse background having spent time in the US Army (Infantry and Aviation), worked as a Systems Engineer on SBIRS and Software Engineer for Autonomous Systems R&D at Lockheed Martin, and a Product Lead for Robotics and Self-Driving Cars at Udacity. I also hold three degrees from Colorado State University including a Master’s in Computer Engineering with a focus on Robotics and AI.

I am an adrenaline junkie, techie, space enthusiast, and fan of Marvel superheroes! Thanks for checking out my page and for reading my work!



If you work hard and get help from good friends, you can overcome almost any challenge, no matter how great.” –Mike Massimino